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Gone Baby Gone... [May. 21st, 2006|11:14 am]
Scott Baio Ain't Got Nothing On Me
Oh, I forgot to remark. The Purple Onion, a Dinkytown staple has been closed. I don't know what happended, but I am truly upset. I used to live in that place during college. Hmmmm...

[User Picture]From: squarkz
2006-05-22 07:07 pm (UTC)

Congrats, by the way!

Yeah! I went back to MN two weeks ago, and I was planning on hanging out there for awhile until a friend of mine showed up and NO SORRY.

It was a favorite of mine, too. I think they must have sold it and used the money and remodeled the formerly cozy-but-dingy Espresso Exposé. Another disapointment, that.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-05-22 07:57 pm (UTC)

The Onion of purple pursuasion

It's only closed temporarily while they relocate to the new condo complex that's being built where the old Pizza Hut used to be (across from Roy Wilkins). I think a Panera is going in where the Onion was.


The Rectal Ranger
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